Travel Women and Tablets!

The travel business has been quite dynamic and the emerging trends are really interesting. Recently a study by Adobe, “Hotel Benchmarking Metrics” , which analyzed more than 300 million visits to 31 hotel websites in Q4 2012, points out that one-sixth of traffic to those sites came from mobile devices. The majority of web visits by device type in Q4 2012 throw an interesting light as 58 percent visits were using tablets and 41% mobile phone and 1% by other device type.

The travel websites need to be more female friendly as another research reveals that out of 1000 women polled 91% percent of them were the decision maker as they did most  of the holiday planning research.

Social Media has become a game changer as people are heavily relying on different social media platforms to plan their travel. The data emerging from according to TripAdvisor’s survey of 15,000 travelers worldwide in January 2013 clearly points our Google+ has gained lot of popularity for travel research and it comes second only after FaceBook as 40% respondent used Google+ and out of this 22% found it to be useful.

6% of people  found Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram to be social networks for this activity.

Facebook has emerged as the most trusted social media platform with 48% people relying on it. Below are the results  2013 (% of respondents ):
- Facebook: 54% (useful) / 48% (trustworthy)
- Google+: 22% (useful)/ 24% (trustworthy)
- Twitter: 4% (useful)/ 5% (trustworthy)
- Flickr: 1%(useful) / 2%
- Instagram: 1% (useful)/ 1% (trustworthy)
- Myspace: – / 1% (trustworthy)
- orkut: – / 1% (trustworthy)
- Pinterest: 1%(useful) / 1% (trustworthy)
- Other: 16%(useful) / 18% (trustworthy)

Google+ integrates content from various websites  on the right side of the search engine results pages and people clicking on this are redirected to  Google+ Local Page, and the users might not be even realizing that they’re “using” Google+. Additionally, Google+ detractors tend to take a US-centric view, and indeed, penetration is quite low in the US, at only 6% of internet users, according to GlobalWebIndex data from Q2 2012. Worldwide, penetration goes much deeper. More than 25% of internet users in 17 different countries accessed or posted on Google+ at least once a month that quarter-that includes more than 100 million users in China, more than 40 million in India, and more than 20 million each in Brazil and Indonesia.

An Infographic on Tnooz reveals some interesting fact about content influence in travel industry.

  • 55% are influenced by online searches
  • Reviews are most popular amongst travellers based in EMEA, USA, and APAC.
  • Holiday pictures are the most shared content on and after vacation
  • Guide books, weather and restaurant are quite popular as half of travelers download these apps before their holiday
  • 33% travelers browse the web for trip research during travel
  •  One-third of travelers would create content if they thought it would benefit their social network.

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